Posted by Woodland Hills Fireplace on Nov 30th 2021

Buying Guide: Best Modern Patio Heaters for Outdoor Spaces

Modern outdoor patio heaters ceiling-mounted in a backyard patio gazebo with dinner setting

If you’re working on developing the perfect outdoor space for entertaining, you’ll inevitably find yourself looking for heat sources to keep all of your guests comfortable. One essential heating tool that will make its way on your list is a patio heater. There are different types of modern patio heaters that offer unique benefits.

Are you currently looking for new patio heaters to add to your backyard space? If so, the comprehensive patio heater buying guide below will give you all the insight you need to make the right buying decision. 

What Do You Need to Consider When You’re Shopping for Modern Patio Heaters? 

Photo of an outdoor patio heater

Modern outdoor heaters come in a wide variety of forms and fuel types, making it so that you can fully customize your space based on the look and qualities that you desire most. So, what should you be paying attention to when you’re shopping for modern patio heaters? Let’s take a closer look at some important considerations and features to consider when you’re shopping around for a new patio heater for your space.

Freestanding Versus Mounted Patio Heaters

There are various installation options for patio heaters, for which the most attractive option will be the one that fits best into your budget and your outdoor design. Modern patio heaters come in two different styles: freestanding (which can also include items like table top and mini freestanding heaters) and mounted. 

Do you have a spacious backyard area? If so, freestanding patio heaters may be the best fit for your needs. These modern patio heaters are portable, typically featuring a section at the bottom of the heater for your propane tank and wheels at the bottom of the base so that you can easily transport them across your backyard. If you’re on a budget and don’t believe that mounting heaters would be the most efficient way to heat your space because you and your friends or family are always on the move, you should choose a freestanding patio heater. 

Modern patio heaters that are designed to be mounted to a wall or a ceiling are great for backyard or patio spaces where guests generally spend the bulk of their time in one specific area. Mounted patio heaters give you the ability to design your space as you like so that you don’t have freestanding patio heaters taking up precious space or storage in your garage. The bulk of mounted heaters are electric, which also makes it simple to move them around if you need and find a nearby outlet to plug them into. 

Whether you’re a fan of freestanding options or mounted products, you have plenty of great choices at your disposal to effectively heat your backyard space. 

Types of Fuel Sources

While freestanding and mounted modern patio heaters are important considerations in this patio heater buying guide, arguably the most important factor that will determine your experience is the type of fuel source used by your new patio heater. Today’s patio heaters use a range of fuel sources to radiate heat in your backyard space. These fuel sources include:

  • Natural Gas: Natural gas heaters are a good option for those who already have natural gas lines in their home and use them. Just remember that you have to install your patio heaters so that they’re attached to these gas lines. This limits mobility, but it may be better for those who don’t want to use propane gas and don’t plan on moving their heaters around frequently. 
  • Propane Gas: Most modern patio heaters use propane gas as these types are the most convenient to use. All you have to do is refill your fuel tank, attach it to the interior of your patio heater, and turn it on, moving it to wherever it’s most convenient. The only homeowners who may not prefer propane gas heaters are those who find it inconvenient to refill these tanks or those who may spend quite a bit of money on propane for outdoor events. 
  • Infrared Heat: Infrared heat is considered to be most effective as the heat produced is absorbed into nearby objects rather than being absorbed into the surrounding air. Modern outdoor patio heaters that use infrared heat are a top choice for any household. 
  • Electric Heat: Electric patio heaters are great options if you want none of the hassles that accompany other heating options. Easy to install, these heaters turn on quickly, produce no carbon emissions, and waste much less energy. Overall, electric heating is a great option. 
  • Other Considerations

    Besides fuel sources and installation options, some other considerations you should make when you’re shopping around for new patio heaters include customer reviews (to make sure you’re getting a great deal on your new heater), which brands come with accessories like covers for when your heater is not in use, and how long the warranty lasts. At Fireside BBQ & Appliances, we’re here to make it easier to find modern patio heaters and more to help elevate your outdoor living at home

    Find Patio Heaters at Fireside Appliance

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