Gas Log Sets & Fire Glass Sets

Accentuate Your Gas Fireplace With The Right Accessories

Although the gas fireplace will replace the need for burning wood that comes with the traditional fireplace, most fireplace owners still want something to look at while the fire warms up the space. A fireplace is important to provide warmth, but it is also a large design element of a room, and so you need to consider its look rather than just its utility. The right fireplace log sets and fire glass sets can help with creating the right look in your space. We offer two types of gas log accessories to help accentuate your gas fireplace.

Fireplace Log Sets: Gas logs bring the natural wood look and feel without any of the mess that comes from real burning wood. Your fireplace can still have the flames dancing between the logs, while avoiding the drawbacks of a wood-burning fireplace, when you go with the best fireplace log sets.

Fire Glass Sets: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces, fire glass offers an attractive alternative to traditional logs. Dispersing heat evenly and retaining warmth while hiding gas lines, fire glass is a low-maintenance solution that makes style and functionality easier than ever. This option is especially popular for fire pits.

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