Flat Top Grills

The Multitasking Home Chef’s Dream Grill

Just like a restaurant griddle, flat top griddles allow you to prepare all of your food at the same time with multiple heat zones designed for convenient use. You can cook almost anything you can think of,including steak, burgers, fish, veggies, and even eggs and pancakes on a built-in grill. Other popular foods to cook on a griddle include shrimp and brussels sprouts, French toast, pork satay, fried rice, stir fry, Indian naan, and even beef with broccoli.

Our flat tops are great for breakfast and lunch, too. Crisp your hash browns while you fry an egg, or sear your burger in one zone while you lightly toast the bun in another. You can even use pots and pans on a flat top cooking grill.

Just like cast iron, flat tops become “seasoned” over time. With multiple uses, your flat top will take on a nonstick quality, making cooking your meals all the more convenient.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Top Grills

1. What is the biggest benefit of a flat top grill?

With this type of grill, you’ll have a large enough cooking space to cook several foods simultaneously. This makes it the perfect solution for whipping up meals for a large number of people at an event. In addition, because there are no grates for food to fall through, you won’t lose vegetables or eggs while cooking them alongside burgers or pancakes.

2. Is a flat top griddle simple to clean?

Absolutely. A traditional grill has ridges or grates, which can be hard to clean. Meanwhile, a griddle’s smooth surface is simple to clean and wipe down. You can easily scrape off food residue or spills. This makes the griddle the perfect grilling tool if you’re looking for a hassle-free and quick cleaning experience.

3. What are the benefits of a flat top grill that is gas powered?

A gas powered flat top grill delivers the ability to precisely control temperature like other propane grills. Because they do not require electricity, they are portable and are therefore convenient for cooking in the backyard. These versatile grills are also simple to use.

Another benefit of a griddle is that it heats up quickly. That means you can begin to grill right away rather than waiting for charcoal to finish heating up first.