Create a Warm Ambience With Our Lanterns

With the right lanterns in your space, creating an ambiance that your guests will love is simple. Whether you’re looking for a more rustic style that adds character and age to your space or sleek, modern hearth lanterns that you can use to style both your indoor and outdoor space, you’re sure to find the right fireplace lanterns for your needs when you shop our collection of captivating lantern options.

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Ready to bring your indoor or outdoor concept to life? Shopping with Fireside BBQ & Appliances means finding all of the key appliances and accessories you need to create the perfect space, whether that means purchasing the key appliances you need to build your outdoor kitchen or adding the finishing touches with our fireplace lanterns. Update your backyard space with an outdoor fireplace to take your indoor-outdoor living to the next level, or consider these lanterns as the ideal final touch for placing along the bartops of your new outdoor kitchen island. Accessorize your indoor fireplace by adding lanterns on either side of the fireplace itself or along the fireplace surround to add a dazzling array of additional light sources across your hearth.

With Fireside Appliance, you also benefit from lower prices and a 30-day price match guarantee, easy delivery, and financing available if you need it.

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