Freestanding Indoor Gas Fireplaces

Benefits of Freestanding Indoor Gas Fireplaces

Choosing a freestanding gas stove fireplace has many benefits compared to other fireplace types:

  • In the event of a power outage, gas fireplaces will still provide heat to your living area.
  • No hauling or storing wood, or building a fire required.
  • Freestanding gas fireplaces are cleaner because they do not burn wood. Wood burning stoves create ashes that need to be cleaned up after each use to maintain the product. Freestanding gas stoves leave zero ashes!
  • Although gas fireplaces include a chimney, this type of chimney is soot-free, reducing chances of a chimney fire.
  • Control and adjust the temperature at ease. Most stoves feature a high and low heat setting on the gas output.
  • Ideal for long term renters because of its simple installation and removal process.
  • Freestanding gas fireplaces are more environmentally friendly because they release less combustion byproducts into the atmosphere than a wood, pellet, or coal burning stove.
  • Some models feature fans to increase the circulation of heated air throughout your home.

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