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From Dramatic and Modern to Classic and Rustic

At Fireside Appliance, we don’t limit our customers by curating our products to suit a single design style. Instead, we offer a wide range of the best gas fireplaces to match every style. Whether you want a dramatic fire glass and stone showstopper for your modern living room or a cozy, traditional fireplace with realistic faux wood, Fireside Appliance can help you find premium fireplace designs by the industry’s leading brands.

Great Gas Fireplace Prices Online, Guaranteed

We strive to keep our products affordable and fair while still maintaining our high standard of quality. To help you meet your budget, we offer flexible financing options and a 30-day price match guarantee for all products on our site.

If you want to find the best gas fireplace for your living space but aren’t sure where to start, one of our expert staff at any of our three designer showrooms would be happy to assist you. Each staff member at Fireside Appliance is certified by the California State Contracting License Board and possesses the thorough training and expertise necessary to help you find the right gas fireplace. If you’re ready to elevate your living space with a gas fireplace at the best price, contact us to schedule an in-store or at-home consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Fireplaces

What are the benefits of gas fireplaces?

When you’re shopping for the best gas fireplace, you might be wondering what gas fireplaces like the Petite Cordova Fireplace or the Phoenix Fireplace have to offer and how they distinguish themselves from wood-burning fireplaces. There are many benefits that come with buying a gas fireplace, including:

  • Gas fireplaces are far more energy-efficient, producing more and continuous heat in order to effectively heat your space without an open face that results in heat loss. This also lends itself to energy savings on your end!
  • Gas fireplaces are more environmentally friendly than their woodburning counterparts, making them perfect for homeowners who want a fireplace option that reduces their carbon footprint.
  • Having a gas fireplace means having to deal with far less maintenance. While regular inspections and minor cleaning here or there is still important for your health and safety, gas fireplaces don’t experience the same soot buildup that wood-burning fireplaces do, making it so that you can continue to enjoy a relatively clean fireplace experience.
  • Most importantly, the best gas fireplace products on the market look stunningly real! With a wide range of accessories like ceramic logs, you can create an authentic fireplace look while experiencing all the benefits that gas fireplaces have to offer.
Who should own a gas fireplace?

So, who should own a gas fireplace? Whether you’re attracted by the benefits or the great gas fireplace prices and deals, homeowners looking to save money, receive an authentic fireplace experience without all the maintenance or hassle, or who want to reduce their carbon footprint and save energy are likely the best fit for gas fireplaces. We make it easy to find the next best gas fireplace for your needs, install it with ease, and experience many more years of effective heating and stunning design in your living space.

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