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When you’re outfitting an outdoor kitchen or grilling space, it’s important to find quality appliances that will make your space a joy to use rather than get in the way of your entertainment needs. Grill masters will love the high standard and variety of options available through Fireside BBQ and Appliances.

Our selection of popular BBQ brands represents the best available for grill brands anywhere on the market. Ask our dedicated team members for support if you aren’t sure which of the great options will work the best for your individual needs.

Find the Best Indoor Appliance Brands Here

Though many of our appliances are designed for outdoor living, we also offer indoor appliance options in addition to the signature offerings from the best BBQ brands around. Take a look here to see some familiar in-home appliance brand names that will help your space demonstrate your high standard of living. Home chefs will rejoice with selections from Alfresco, Astria, and Napoleon, to name only a few of the great choices.

Heading to the living room, we specialize in providing the best fireplace brands for both indoor and outdoor choices. Indulge in the best appliances that will warm your house into a cozy haven.

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As a family-owned business, we recognize the importance of the personalized touch. That’s why our knowledgeable staff receives specialized factory training every year: to better serve you on a personal level. If you’re local to the SoCal area, come visit us in our showrooms to see displays from the best brands of grills and more. You can also find great options here on our website, and we’re happy to help at any time using our live chat feature.

For more specific details or support, reach out to one of our sales experts. We can’t wait to help you update your appliance collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are today’s most popular BBQ brands with the widest range of grill options?

The best brands of grills include American Outdoor Grills, Hestan, and Traeger. American Outdoor Grills’ products stand out for their stylish, sleek look; matchless stainless steel grill lineup; and affordability. Hestan grills are known for their quality, performance, and luxury features, like commercial end caps as well as a Marquise-accented hood handle and control panel. Traeger’s versatile and eco-friendly wood pellet grills are perfect for grillers who want the wood-fire taste without the wood fire.

2. Why is Astria a popular fireplace brand?

Astria fireplaces are known for their top-quality flame technologies, beautiful log designs, and gorgeous handcrafted masonry. The company is at the forefront of next-gen fireplaces that offer the feel and look of real fires without the mess and pollutants.