Built-In Grills

Take Grilling Up a Notch

With BBQ grills from leading brands, like Solaire, you can easily upgrade your grilling experience at home. Our built-in BBQs offer matchless features like shorter cooking times thanks to infrared burners, V-shaped grates to decrease flare-ups, and stainless steel for beauty and durability. We also offer complementary BBQ side burners to streamline your cooking. Plus, building a complete BBQ island in your backyard will add value to your home when you are ready to sell!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose built-in grills over stand-alone grills?

These BBQs are designed to be incorporated into permanent outdoor kitchen installations, so their manufacturers prioritize longevity and durability when constructing them. The BBQs’ built-in design also frees up space in your outdoor kitchen for cooking and food preparation.

2. Why are side burners helpful?

These burners can be excellent complements to grills because they allow you to cook other items at various heat levels while you’re grilling your favorite meats and vegetables. Use these burners to prepare glazes, sauces, and side dishes.