Pellet Grills

Why Choose Wood Pellet Smokers?

Wood pellet smokers give you maximum wood-fired flavor with minimal effort. By using electricity to heat compressed wood pellets and push the resulting smoke into the body of the grill, the meat is infused with that classic wood-smoked flavor. The main advantage of pellet BBQs, however, is that they let you put the meat on and come back when it’s done without requiring you to babysit it all day. Some pellet smokers even come with apps that enable you to control the temperature and other settings right from your smartphone, so you never have to worry about stepping away from your grill again.

Our family-owned business prides itself on its expertise and customer service. We carry the world’s best-selling pellet smokers and offer options for every barbecuer. Your grill will be an appliance you will use for years to come, and we can help you make the right buying decision. Our staff members are pros at determining which electric wood pellet smokers or pellet stove parts best align with your needs.

Competitive Pricing and Financing Available

Fireside BBQ & Appliances guarantees the lowest prices online by offering a 30-day price match guarantee across our site. To make all purchases fit your budget, we also offer the option to pay in installments.

Have questions and want one of our expert staff to help you pick a wood pellet smoker? Simply contact us and we can help. You can also schedule an in-store or at-home consultation for assistance. We’d be happy to work with you.


How many pellets will I need?

You will typically need between 1 and 1.5 pounds of pellets per hour that you are smoking. When running your wood pellet smoker at high temperatures, you will need more pellets.

Do pellet BBQs work in cold weather?

Yes, you can use your wood pellet smoker in cold weather, but it will become less efficient, meaning you may need more pellets while running it at higher-than-average temperatures. In weather under 35 degrees, it helps to use an insulated grill blanket and minimize the number of times you lift the lid to help retain heat.

How often should I clean my wood pellet smoker?

We recommend cleaning the pellet smoker grates after every use. Remove ash from the fire pot and igniter after every other cook. You should deep clean your grill about every 5-10 uses, depending on the ash build-up. If you do long, all-day smoking sessions, we recommend deep cleaning your grill more often.

Are wood pellet smokers more environmentally friendly than charcoal or gas grills?

Because wood pellet smokers use wood pellets, which are a renewable energy source, don’t use lighter fluid, and use minimal electricity, they are considered to be better for the environment than charcoal and gas grills.