Freestanding Wood Stoves

Why Choose a Freestanding Fireplace?

Making the decision to install a freestanding fireplace in your home rather than installing a traditional fireplace or a fireplace insert comes with its fair share of benefits. Here are a few of the most notable advantages of freestanding wood burning stoves:

  • Wood stoves heat your space more efficiently as they are able to disperse through all four sides rather than just through the front.
  • Wood stoves are much easier to clean and maintain, which is a major benefit for most homeowners.
  • You don’t need a chimney to install a freestandingwoodburning fireplace in your home, and these products burn much cleaner as a result of their design.
  • As long as you have access to your fuel source, you can use your freestanding fireplace whenever you want, even during power outages.
  • Freestanding wood burning stoves come in a wide variety of designs made to complement your home’s aesthetic.

Put simply, a wood stove can offer a wide variety of benefits that best even the most stunning of traditional fireplaces.

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