Outdoor Refrigeration & Ice Makers

Replace the Cooler with Efficient Outdoor Refrigerators

Coolers are often perfect for barbecues and get-togethers as they serve to keep your drinks and other items cool for a short period of time. A quality outdoor bar fridge, however, can store all your beverages and outdoor culinary items longer-term and provide ease of access for weeknight outdoor dining or weekend family gatherings.

However, great design doesn’t stop there. You’ll find that we also offer:

  • Ice makers with multiple designs for your cooking and drinking needs
  • Kegerators with multiple taps for beer enthusiasts
  • Wine carriers for those who want to keep their wine cool and fresh for when they feel like having a glass

Whether you’re looking for a 21-inch outdoor refrigerator for your basic refrigeration needs or for a more specific item for your backyard space, Fireside BBQ & Appliances offers a host of excellent products to make easy access to refrigerated items a breeze. Shop for outdoor kitchen refrigerators and other great refrigeration products for your backyard now!