Jul 26th 2022

Outdoor Patio Heating 101

A lit fire pit with fire glass

For those who love to barbecue or simply have a spacious backyard that they want to get the most out of, outdoor gatherings are an excellent way to spend quality time with friends and family. The problem? When temperatures drop, guests are going to want to head inside as soon as possible. One solution that will keep the party going until everyone is ready to take it back inside is outdoor patio heating solutions. The right outdoor patio heaters will help you keep your guests comfortable throughout your entire space. But what types of outdoor heating options are there? How do they work? 

If you’re looking for patio heating ideas for your backyard, this guide will give you the foundation you need to find the right heating solutions for your space!

What Types of Patio Heaters Are There?

Outdoor patio heating solutions come in a number of forms, allowing you the flexibility to choose a product (or more) that is best suited for your space and your guests’ needs. Some of the patio heater products that you have at your disposal include: 

  • Outdoor fire pits: Are you looking to add a focal point and inviting gathering spot for you, your friends, and your family? Do you like roasting s’mores in your backyard or making other food on the fire? If so, an outdoor fire pit is a great outdoor heating product for you to add to your space. Open and inviting, modern or traditional, an outdoor fire pit is comfortable, takes up little space, and enhances the design of your patio area. 
  • Outdoor fireplaces: Outdoor patio heating is made easy with an outdoor fireplace. Whether you’re a fan of traditional wood-burning products or you love the sleek look and ease of maintenance that comes with a gas product, there are plenty of outdoor fireplaces you can incorporate into your patio space. 
  • Freestanding patio heaters: If you’re looking to upgrade your patio or deck, patio heaters are a quick way to do so. Patio heating ideas offer excellent outdoor heating options, one of which is freestanding patio heaters. Generally powered by propane (except in the case of fixed options), all you have to do is attach your tank and roll your new outdoor patio heating product along with you wherever the party may take you!
  • Ceiling or wall-mounted patio heaters: For limited areas where your party attendees tend to gather, you might want ceiling or wall-mounted patio heaters. Aptly named, these products are affixed to the walls or ceiling to provide constant heat to the areas below and in front of the heaters. This ensures that all of your guests are warm within the space at all times! 

Does Fuel Source Matter?

Beyond the different types of outdoor patio heating products, you will also need to think about the types of fuel that each of these products requires. For example, when you’re looking into firepits and fireplaces, you might have to choose between wood and gas. On one hand, wood fuel provides you with the look and feel that you love from a traditional fireplace or fire pit. On the other hand, gas is more eco-friendly, less costly, and pairs well with a wide range of fire pit and fireplace accessories like gas log sets and fire glass

When you’re looking into freestanding vs mounted patio heaters, this is a major consideration as well. Do you want your outside heaters to use propane gas or attach directly to a gas line? Alternatively, if you choose a product you can install on your wall or ceiling, do you have enough outlets nearby to make sure they’re properly powered? Do your research to make sure you’re getting the right products for your patio space!

Other Considerations When Shopping for Outdoor Patio Heating Products

  • How much space am I heating?: If you have a relatively small patio, you’re not going to need much to keep guests warm. However, if you have a large space to fill and guests are going to be moving around throughout the night, you’ll need more support. Keep this in mind as you research heating solutions!
  • How effective are certain solutions at keeping guests warm?: A wood-burning fireplace might be great for tight-knit gatherings while a gas fireplace might heat spaces more efficiently because it retains heat so well. A freestanding outdoor patio heating solution could be great for those gathering in one spot while ceiling or wall-mounted options provide more heat for a greater area where the most guests gather. Know how well your products work and where you’re going to place them before you make a purchase. 
  • What kind of style am I going for?: While effectiveness is your priority, you want products that fit your style. Do you have a modern patio design? Do you prefer something more traditional for your patio heating ideas? No matter your style, there are plenty of high-quality outdoor heating options out there!

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