Wood Burning Fireplaces

Rustic or Modern Wood Burning Fireplaces

Fireside Appliance doesn’t cater to a single aesthetic—we offer both rustic stone options suited to a chalet and sleek options suited for a modern Beverly Hills mansion. Looking for something a little bit more modern? You can easily create the graceful, striking aesthetic you want with the Superior WRT/WCT3000 woodburning fireplace. Are you in need of something that’s a bit more approachable and adds more comfort and personality to your space? You can always install the Superior WRT4500 fireplace instead! No matter the interior aesthetic of your living space, we can help you find an indoor wood-burning fireplace that complements your design preferences.

Trust our Knowledgeable Family-Owned Business

Fireside BBQ & Appliances has been serving Southern California and beyond since 1978. Our highly trained staff are all certified by the California State Contracting License Board, and we’re happy to help you find a modern solution to your wood-burning fireplace needs.

Our 30-day price match guarantee and financing options ensure you receive a fireplace you love at a price you love, too. If you’re located in our Southern California service area, we will both deliver and install your indoor wood-burning fireplace. We also have financing available for our wood-burning fireplaces to ensure that you get the best fireplace within your budget. Contact any of our three locations to inquire about a quote today or speak to a sales expert to learn more about your favorite options.

If you’d like to start planning the design and installation of your indoor wood-burning fireplace, inquire here to schedule an online or in-store consultation. We look forward to helping you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wood Fireplaces

Are woodburning fireplaces difficult to install?

Shopping for an indoor wood-burning fireplace begins with understanding the differences between wood and other fuel sources like gas and electricity. Some might assume the latter two are a better fit due to their lack of venting traditionally required to achieve the same purpose.

However, installation of modern wood-burning fireplaces has become much easier and costs around the same amount as installing gas or electric solutions. Additionally, wood burning fireplaces enhance the atmosphere of your home, enhance your overall home value, and effectively warm up your home during the colder months.

Is an indoor woodburning fireplace right for me?

A woodburning fireplace is a perfect choice for a homeowner that loves the ambience of a traditional fireplace, doesn’t mind conducting a little maintenance (sweeping up ash and cleaning up soot), and wants to save money during colder weather while having a gorgeous alternative to central heating. Here at Fireside Appliance, we’ll work with you to make sure that you get the perfect fit for your home!

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