Freestanding Electric Stoves

Explore the Power of Electric Stoves

When we typically think of a fireplace, there’s an image of wood burning and crackling in a hearth that leads to a chimney. However, there are plenty of other options to warm a space that don’t require stacks of cut wood. With an electric stove, you can plug in your heat source with power that’s easy to use.

Electric Fireplaces with Portability

A typical electric fireplace is installed in one location, but when you go with a freestanding electric stove, you aren’t locked into a single location. These stoves are powerfully portable, effective in keeping your space warm, and are completely self-sufficient; no wood required, only an outlet!

Find the Best Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

At Fireside BBQ & Appliance, we carefully choose each fireplace and appliance that we stock. By providing only the finest brands, we ensure the top standard of quality no matter which of the options you choose. Whether you want a regular or a freestanding electric stove, we offer only the best of the best.

Take a look at the collection above and reach out for a quote on your favorite - or favorites; we won’t judge. We also have options for indoor and outdoor warming solutions, with all the accessories to outfit your hearths, grills, and more, so don’t be afraid to outfit your warming spaces with everything you need for a completely cozy atmosphere.