Electric Fireplaces

The Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces Online

Our top-rated electric fireplace options allow you to simulate the beauty of a natural fire with ease. Many of the electric fireplaces in our selection come with remote controls that let you customize the flame appearance, heat output, and sounds, so you can adjust the look and feel to your exact preferences. Whether you have a rustic, cozy interior or a sleek, modern living space that demands a designer electric fireplace, you’ll find plenty of realistic electric fireplaces for your space among our wide selection.

Lower Prices, Guaranteed

We strive to keep the prices of our top-rated electric fireplace products as low as possible—and that’s a guarantee. We price match to any similar online store so you can feel confident about purchasing a quality but affordable product. Financing is also available across our entire site to accommodate any budget.

If you’re located in our Southern California service area, we also provide service and installation for any of the products you find on our site. Our expert staff is happy to provide you with a quote and advise you on the top-rated electric fireplaces that complement your living space and price range. Contact us today to schedule an in-store or at-home consultation.


How do electric fireplaces work?

Whereas wood-burning and gas fireplaces rely on gas or wood to effectively heat your living space, electric fireplaces use electricity to generate heat that then warms the immediate surroundings. However, don’t be fooled by the name: these are an elegant choice for any home!

While electric fireplaces may often be expected to look fake, our top-rated electric fireplaces seamlessly emulate the look and feel of gas and wood-burning fireplaces with three-dimensional designs, realistic accessories, and stunning technical features. In fact, we expect you’ll find some of the most realistic electric fireplaces right here in our inventory!

Learn More About Electric Fireplaces

What are the benefits of electric fireplaces over wood-burning or gas options?

Why might you decide to choose an electric fireplace over a wood-burning or gas fireplace? Electric fireplaces come with a host of benefits, including a more environmentally-friendly fuel source and output, less maintenance, an easy-to-install, safe design, and the fact that it can often be a more effective heating method. Overall, buying a top-rated electric fireplace from Fireside Appliance is an excellent choice for many homeowners.

What types of electric fireplaces are there?

Whether you’re in the market for a more rustic design or a designer electric fireplace, an insert or one that features a mantelpiece and pilasters, or one with a flat design or one that’s more three-dimensional, you’ll find that we offer something for every homeowner here at Fireside Appliance!