Jun 29th 2021

Summer Patio Ideas That Are Good Year-Round

Patio at sunset with a grill, outdoor appliances, and firepit

Summer is upon us, a season that ushers in excitement, adventure, and new possibilities. Given that many of our patios went unused for the last year, however, a little TLC can go a long way in rejuvenating our space and making it a suitable entertainment area for summer and beyond. If your patio needs something new to breathe life back into your space, here are some excellent summer patio ideas that are good year-round!

Add a Fireplace for Warmth and Decoration

The right outdoor fireplace is both functional and fashionable. During your summer nights, they can help you stay warm when the temperature drops, and they also help you develop the ambiance that you’re likely going for in your outdoor space. Of course, many homeowners may ask themselves, which type of fireplace should I be looking for if I want to incorporate one into my patio space? 

Some great summer patio ideas that incorporate fireplaces include traditional wood-burning models so that you and friends or family can sit close to the crackling fire and roast marshmallows, gas models that allow you to personalize your fireplace with stained glass and decorative wood, and electric models that help you stay warm without the hassle of tending to a fire. 

You may also want to equip your patio with freestanding, wall-mounted, or table heaters to keep your guests warm if they find themselves away from the fire!

Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen to Meet Your Summertime Needs

Arguably one of the best summer patio ideas is to add, build upon, or revitalize your current outdoor kitchen. Why? Patio appliances play a major role in your ability to entertain. If you don’t have enough space in your outdoor kitchen or the right tools, you’ll find it difficult to prepare food for your parties. 

Another concern is how much energy you’re using to power certain appliances. While your grills will often use propane or charcoal, electrical grills, griddles, and other appliances that may be an integral part of your outdoor kitchen can be using up too much power if you haven’t upgraded to new models in recent years. 

When you’re pursuing summer patio ideas, what key items should you be looking for? 

  • Built-in grills that offer you plenty of space to make your favorite meals
  • Side burners so that you don’t have to inside and outside to make other components of your meal
  • Plenty of counter space so that you can prepare your food with ease
  • Storage space to hold all of your essential grilling tools and beyond

With a new outdoor kitchen at your disposal, you can ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor space and keep your guests happy in the summer months and beyond!

Consider Adding a Bar to Make Entertaining More Seamless

Nothing is more refreshing than an ice-cold beverage, especially when it’s shared with friends on your patio. But while outdoor kitchens offer space for food preparation, they’re not so great at providing you with space to mingle. This is why patio bar ideas can help you create your own dedicated area for fun and mingling. 

If a patio bar pops up on your list of summer patio ideas, you should look into how you can expand your current outdoor kitchen space and equip it with appliances like outdoor refrigerators, ice makers, and bar centers to set it up for beverage preparation. Then, you just need to look for seating that matches your personal style and items like televisions or stereo systems to keep your guests entertained!

Create the Perfect Patio Space With Fireside BBQ & Appliances

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