Nov 23rd 2021

Types of Real Looking Fireplaces

Real looking fireplace in an open layout kitchen dining area

Fireplaces are an excellent addition for any homeowner looking to warm their space more effectively while also adding a touch of elegant appeal to the interior of their home. That being said, not all homeowners may not want or need a wood-burning or gas fireplace.

The good news? There are plenty of real-looking fireplace products on the market that can give you the high-quality look and feel of a fireplace. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the different types of faux fireplaces that look real and give you some great recommendations to help you find the right fireplace for your home. 

What Makes an Electric Fireplace Look Real? 

Photo of an electric fireplace burning in a living room

Some people may be deterred from installing an electric fireplace with concerns about the design fitting in well with your existing interior style. However, modern electric fireplaces have improved greatly over the years, making it so that you can get a real looking fireplace designed with the intent to elevate your living space with ease. Some of the features that allow electric fireplaces to look like wood-burning or gas fireplaces include: 

  • Depth: The typical flat-screen fireplace that some envision when they think about electric fireplaces is no longer the norm. In fact, many electric fireplaces now have a level of depth that makes it look and feel as though you have a fireplace going in your home. The effects of the flickering flames and the lighting then further enhance the look and feel of your real-looking fireplace.
  • Realistic Features: Some electric fireplaces are designed to look as though flames are simply dancing on the screen. Others, however, incorporate some of the most realistic fireplace logs into their design so that it looks as though you actually have a fire dancing on the logs. This can be great for those who truly love wood-burning fireplaces but simply don’t want to have to deal with the cost of fuel, clean and maintain their fireplace, or install a chimney and venting into their home for their new fireplace. 
  • Audio: Do you like the comforting sound of crackling wood that comes from burning wood? If so, you can easily find a real-looking fireplace that matches the visuals with the sound that a real fireplace would make as it burnt down the logs. However, you get the benefit of not having to replace these logs. All you have to do to keep your electric fireplace looking great is to make sure you dust your logs every once in a while and clean the interior and surroundings of your fireplace as well. 
  • Design: Besides being easy to install, there are many electric fireplaces that don’t consist solely of inserts, but feature mantels as well so that you have everything ready to go as soon as you install your new electric fireplace. If you want a real-looking fireplace without having to tackle any additional projects along the way, consider an option that gives you a little something extra. 

Now that you have a better idea as to what features give you the look and feel of a wood-burning fireplace, what type of electric fireplaces should you think about purchasing for yourself?

Great Electric Fireplaces for Traditional Fireplace Enthusiasts

1. The Dimplex Featherston

There are plenty of great faux fireplaces that look real, but not all of them provide you with the whole package rather than just the insert. Dimplex offers a ton of fireplaces that feature mantels and external bodies so that you get a real-looking fireplace that’s ready to install in your home. The Dimplex Featherston offers wood accents and an architectural ledge rock theme to seamlessly blend into any space. This fireplace also offers vibrant LED flames, LED inner glow logs (one of the most realistic fireplace logs you will see in a fireplace), and pulsating ember technology to provide you with a realistic fireplace experience. 

2. The Napoleon Element 36

Napoleon is another stellar electric fireplace brand that makes some excellent products for those seeking a real-looking fireplace. The Napoleon Element 36 is excellent for families, featuring a child-safety feature to disable the heat whenever a child comes close to the fireplace. Beyond this, you’re sure to be satisfied with the realistic-looking wooden logs, decorative brick side panels, and vivid flame effects with brightness adjustment. 

3. The Dimplex Tyson

Is your style a bit more eclectic or are you on a budget? If so, there are still some great products out there that were designed for you. The Dimplex Tyson is a real-looking fireplace built directly into an entertainment center so that you can get a two-in-one purchase without all of the hassle of having to install your new fireplace. Even though this design is a bit different from the suggestions above, the Tyson still has realistic logs inside, keeps you warm and toasty as you enjoy your favorite show, and is extremely convenient to use. 

Let Fireside Appliance Help You Find the Best Fireplace for Your Home

Living room with an electric fireplace turned on

No matter what you’re looking for in an electric fireplace, Fireside Appliance is here to help you find the real-looking fireplace of your dreams. Our collection of top-rated electric fireplaces gives you a wide range of brands and types to choose from so that you can be completely satisfied with your new fireplace. Additionally, we offer benefits like lower prices and our 30-day price match guarantee, financing available, and convenient delivery options. Get started now and inquire for a quote or speak to a sales expert!