Jul 23rd 2021

Guide to Outdoor Kitchen Builds & Styles for New Homeowners

Outdoor Kitchen Area

To maximize your outdoor living at home, adding an outdoor kitchen can do the trick. Your outdoor kitchen build can be an extension of your entertaining space, offering an excellent place for family and guests to hang about, mingle and gather. 

If you’re a new homeowner, you are probably excited to make the most of your outdoor space. 

New homeowners can design a barbecue space with the ultimate outdoor kitchen style with so many outdoor kitchen house plans available. 

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to define how you will use your outdoor kitchen. Will you use it daily, during, weekly, or weekends, or just on special occasions? 

Starting your outdoor kitchen build with a proper plan will make the process easier and more enjoyable. If you’ve never embarked on a project like this, it’s a good idea to research the process and needs for this type of project. 

What style?

The first thing you want to decide is the style of your outdoor kitchen. 

Do your outdoor kitchen house plans call for a moveable or built-in kitchen? 

A moveable kitchen area will be quicker to set up and cost less, as you’ll likely choose already-built components. On the other hand, a built-in kitchen can be customized to your space and the specific features you want to include. 

Will you choose a traditional, contemporary, or rustic style for your outdoor kitchen build? 

In most cases, you’ll want your outdoor kitchen style to match the style of your house. Understanding your style from the beginning helps you find the suitable materials and appliances that work together. 

You’ll then need to decide where you want to put your kitchen. One option is to build close to your house, and another could be if you have an area near your pool where you want to build your outdoor kitchen. It’s generally more convenient and less expensive to build close to your house, but be sure to pick a spot that works for you. 

Once you’ve figured out the location, you then want to decide the shape. Will you build against a wall? Do you want an L shape, a U shape, and do you want an island? Consider how you will use the kitchen, how many guests you may need to cook for, and how many people will cook at the same time. 

After you’ve decided on the place and shape, it’s time to define your plans. 

Kebabs and Sausage on a Grill

Develop Your Plan

If you are handy and budget-conscious, you can certainly build your dream outdoor kitchen yourself. If you decide on a more complicated design or your plan requires more structural updates to your property, consider hiring a contractor to help with electricity, gas lines, plumbing, and hardscaping if necessary. Contractors have years of experience and can help you avoid any pitfalls. Further, they understand where water lines, electric and gas lines, and drains need to go and can help you incorporate those needs into your plans. Note that as a homeowner, you may be subject to specific homeowner associations’ (HOA) regulations on visible outdoor renovations to the property, as well.

Once you have determined the location of your new outdoor kitchen, it’s time to define the details of your outdoor kitchen house plans. 

One of the first things you need to decide is your budget. Outdoor kitchen builds can get expensive very quickly with the various options and components available. Be sure to define your budget from the beginning, so you aren’t surprised at the end. 

Choose Your Outdoor Kitchen Components

Part of the fun in the design phase of your outdoor kitchen build is choosing the various components and appliances. Usually, one of the first things people choose is their grill or barbecue

The terms grill and barbecue are broad terms that include:

  • Gas GrillsKamado Grills
  • Charcoal Grills
  • Smokers
  • Flat tops and griddles

You might also look at pizza ovens, side burners, warming ovens, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits. Think about how you like to cook, what tastes you enjoy, and the versatility you want in your kitchen. 

Another consideration is choosing gas vs. electric or charcoal grills. And if you haven’t used a smoker before, you might wonder about the benefits of buying a smoker for your outdoor kitchen. 

Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Build With Fireside BBQ & Appliances

So many choices and ideas can turn your outdoor space into an incredible entertainment and dining extension for your house and property. Finding suitable grills, smokers, pizza ovens, fire pits, and other components can be a challenge, especially for the new homeowner.

Fortunately, we have a great selection of products here at Fireside BBQ & Appliances. Whether looking for a stand-alone, moveable setup or creating a custom, built-in kitchen, Fireside BBQ & Appliances gives you added peace of mind with our 30-Day price match guarantee, knowledgeable staff, and convenient financing options. Contact us for a quote or speak to a sales team member to discuss your outdoor kitchen build plans.