Oct 25th 2021

Electric Fireplace Ideas for Living Rooms

Electric Fireplace by Modern Flames in a living room

Fireplaces provide warmth and comfort while giving your living room a perfect focal point. They also provide an extra heat source, supplementing your HVAC system in the cooler months. What can you do if your living room does not have a built-in fireplace? What should you consider when choosing a fireplace? While adding a wood burning or gas unit can be cost prohibitive, an affordable and beautiful alternative is an electric model. 

Electric fireplace designs vary, from an extremely traditional look to a modern, sleek design. Today’s electric fireplaces are extremely well made and perfectly suited to any style you prefer. The only limit is your own imagination, and, potentially, your HOA if you are looking to change the structure of your living room. If you are looking for electric fireplace ideas for your living room, here are some top things to consider.

Electric Fireplace Benefits

Wood burning fireplaces, while cozy and picturesque, do have their risks. Having an open flame in the living room can be a fire hazard when left unattended, and if you have children or pets, you’ll need to put up a barrier to keep them safe.

An important benefit of electric fireplaces is that they have no open flame to be concerned about, nor smoke. While warm air emanates from the electric unit, the surface remains cool to the touch and, therefore, cannot burn you or your loved ones.

There is also no off gassing from electric fireplaces like there is from gas burning models. This keeps the air cleaner and safer for the people living in your home. 

Finally, electric fireplaces are cost-effective. They require a lower initial investment than building in a full wood burning or gas fireplace, and they have a fairly low cost of use. 

Realistic Looking Models

Not all electric fireplaces look like their wood burning counterparts. Fortunately, many electric models have very realistic features, like logs and flames, that make them a great substitute for a more traditional wood burning model. 

When shopping for an electric fireplace, look for the realistic features that are most important to you. In the end, you will have a lovely fireplace that is safer and easier to maintain than a comparable wood burning or gas model

Modern Looking Fireplaces

If your home decor calls for a minimalist, contemporary look, try a wall mounted electric fireplace. These units are available in a variety of widths, allowing you to find the perfect size for your space. Built into the wall, they are like a piece of art as well as a source of warmth and ambience.

Wall mounted units offer incredible versatility in their placement. You could place one low on the wall with the TV mounted above it, giving new character to your established focal point. Or you could place it higher on the wall near the couch, giving you extra warmth right where you like to sit. There are few rules for placing these electric fireplace models, so we do suggest working with a contractor and understanding any limitations put in place by your HOA or landlord before considering this design.

wall mount electric fireplace

Traditional Looking Fireplaces

When you think of fireplaces, do you think of a traditional fireplace with a mantel and a hearth? This is the most common image for what a fireplace in the living room looks like. 

If you want this very traditional looking fireplace design, you can easily achieve your goal by trimming out an electric fireplace with a beautiful wooden mantel. A mantel will give you a long shelf for mementos and artwork in addition to seasonal decor like candles, candelabras, holiday accents, or indoor plants. It’s a look that is easily achieved with an electric fireplace.

To create this electric fireplace design, take an electric firebox and mount it in the wall at the height of a traditional fireplace, then trim it out with a surrounding mantel. For an even more traditional look, try adding built-in bookcases on each side. For a fraction of the cost of adding a wood-burning fireplace with a proper chimney, you can have this beautiful look in your own living room.

Free Standing Electric Fireplace

Once you mount an electric fireplace in the wall, you have created a permanent fixture in your living room. For those who may want a less permanent electric fireplace design, another option to consider is a free standing electric fireplace unit.

Free standing units are just like any other piece of furniture. They can be moved from place to place within your living room, or even moved between rooms. The only thing you need to do is put the unit in the desired place and plug it in.

You have many choices for the design of a free standing electric fireplace model. These units can come with traditional wooden mantels, stone surrounds, or even full entertainment centers

With increased safety and versatile design options, an electric fireplace is a great choice for your modern living room. They offer you warmth and style without off gassing or maintenance concerns. Shop now to find the best electric fireplace for your home, and get in touch with our experts via live chat or by phone with any questions.