Jan 10th 2022

Buyer’s Guide to Essential Fireplace & Firepit Accessories

Fire burning inside of a fireplace

When you’ve found your ideal wood-burning fireplace for your living area, the next step is completing your space with the right accessories for fireplaces that help you maintain the space and enhance its functionality and appeal. Let’s dive into the comprehensive buyer’s guide below to give you a better idea of what you need for a fully-functional fireplace. 

Keep Your Wood Elevated With Fireplace Grates

Whereas andirons were the first products used to prop wood up so that air could circulate underneath it, the more common modern fireplace accessories used for this purpose are fireplace grates. Today’s grates act as baskets for wood to keep it in place and ensure that it has enough oxygen to burn the entire piece. Some homeowners may even pair their grates with accessories for fireplaces like andirons to add a little extra flair to the look and feel of your fireplace. Regardless of which you choose to employ, however, you need something to keep your wood elevated. 

Make Your Fuel More Accessible With Wood Carts and Wood Holders

The last thing you want to do when it’s cold outside and your fire becomes embers is to have to wander out into the harsh winter weather to grab more logs for the fire. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Some of the most convenient accessories for indoor fireplaces and outdoor firepit accessories are wood carts and wood holders. Wood holders sit by your fireplace and help you maintain a steady supply of wood so that your fire doesn’t die out anytime soon. Wood carts make it easy for you to wheel more wood to your fireplace or fire pit without having to go back and forth physically carrying a couple of logs at a time. 

Add Some Comfort & Character to Your Fireplace With Hearth Rugs

Tending to your fire requires a lot of kneeling as you poke and prod the wood around to help the fire spread evenly across the logs. A hearth rug can enhance the physical and visual comfort of your space while also adding character, texture, and padding for your knees when tending to the flames. 

No matter what your surrounding decor or masonry may look like, there are plenty of designs out there that you can incorporate into your space. Whether you want a half-circle, a square rug, or something that falls in between, these modern fireplace accessories are a must-have for completing the look and feel of your living areas with fireplaces.

Fan the Flames With the Help of a Decorative and Functional Bellow

A woman sitting in front of a fireplace

Whether you’re in the market for outdoor firepit accessories or accessories for indoor fireplaces that keep your fire burning longer, you absolutely need bellows. A bellow is a strikingly attractive device that serves to force air onto your burning wood in order to help the wood stay alight when it starts to die out. Whether you purchase one separately or you decide to get one as part of a fireplace kit, make sure you have this tool so your fire doesn’t burn out when you need it most. 

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