Woodbridge SV Series Outdoor Gas Fireplaces


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The SV Indoor/Outdoor gas fireplaces serve as a dancing flame window between your interior and exterior living spaces. Inside the fireplace has a ceramic glass panel protected with a safety screen. Outside the SV fireplace is open to the outdoors. No venting is required.

Features include complete brushed 304 stainless steel construction, hassle free electronic ignition system, and a variety of colors of glass tray media. They are available in Propane or Natural Gas models with different sizes of viewing area: 36", 48", 60", and 72"

   Standard features:

            * Can be framed in wooden structure and finished with non-combustible facing material.
            * Dynamic flame reflection from ember glass and brushed stainless steel chamber.
            * Ceramic glass panel with safety screen on Indoor side.
            * Ceramic glass wind baffle on Outdoor side.
            * Clean face. Can be covered with non-combustible material for minimalistic look.
            * High-grade 304 stainless steel construction. Stainless steel flex connector.
            * Electronic ignition with battery back-up assures operation during a power failure.
            * ON/OFF Remote control with built-in timer. Electronic Ignition system.
            * Highest quality of materials, components, and workmanship.
            * Limited Lifetime Warranty.