Peterson Real Fyre 18-Inch Charred Evergreen Oak Gas Log Set With Vented Natural Gas G52 Burner - Match Light

Peterson Real Fyre
ENO-18 + G52-18/20

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Key Features

  • Radiant Fyre burner offers more heat, more flame and more warmth when compared to other vented gas logs
  • Gas logs are meticulously hand painted by artisans to re-create the look of natural wood
  • Unique ceramic refractory fiber enhanced mix results in logs that showcase realistic bark detail and glow like real burning logs
  • Burner features a stainless steel booster that acts as a catalyst to increase the intensity of the fire
  • Efficient design helps preserve and protect natural resources

Peterson Real Fyre Charred Series gas logs reflect the glowing depth and fiery heart of a long burning fire. Real Fyre artisans work from actual wood samples to carefully re-create the intricate bark detail and natural coloration of deeply charred fireplace wood. The bottom front log is split into two pieces, creating the illusion the logs have been burning all day. This also gives a great view of the flame and the bright embers add more realism while radiating more heat into the room. The Charred Evergreen Oak log set combines an efficiency rating that rivals vent free gas logs while offering the beauty and realism of vented gas logs. The G52 natural gas burner pushes up to 46,000 BTUs and is lit by placing a match or lighter near the burner and then turning on the gas with the key valve. The flame height can be controlled by using the key valve. This Peterson Real Fyre gas log set includes: ceramic refractory vented gas logs, Radiant Fyre G52 burner, exclusive radiant booster grid, custom log grate, platinum embers, damper clamp, sand, and a gas flex connector kit. Experience the warmth and beauty as your Peterson Real Fyre gas log set burns and the flames dance within your fireplace.

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