Peterson Real Fyre 12-Inch Vented Natural Gas Burner Match Light Gas Logs

Peterson Real Fyre
RDP-12 + G4-12

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Gas fireplaces can be a great way to heat your home with greater efficiency and in an eco-friendly manner. However, it’s a common misconception among homeowners that gas fireplaces often look fake and impact the style and design of their spaces. Today’s gas fireplaces benefit from the many realistic accessories that you can incorporate into your new gas fireplace, including stellar products like Peterson Real Fyre parts. If you’re on the hunt for logs for gas burning fireplaces to elevate your experience and aesthetic, look no further than the Real Fyre G4 Burner Gas Log Set!

Create a Realistic Looking Wood-Burning Fireplace Experience With a Peterson Real Fyre Gas Log Set

When you want a fireplace experience that emulates wood-burning fireplaces without the hassle of regularly tending to wood fuel, you want Peterson Real Fyre parts! This gas log set has been meticulously hand-painted and designed to look just like natural wood that can be used time and time again in your gas fireplace. Built with refractory ceramic and steel rods, this gas log set is durable and features multiple different wooden parts with different designs for a more natural feel and look. Pair your gas log set with many of the equally gorgeous fireplace accessories we have in our collection to enhance the overall look and feel of your fireplace!

Find Everything You Need for Your New Gas Fireplace Here at Fireside Appliance

Shopping for a new fireplace is like shopping for any other appliance for your home, so why settle for less than the best? Fireside Appliance is dedicated to helping you find your new gas fireplace and all the fireplace accessories you need like Peterson Real Fyre parts and beyond. Shopping with us means getting our lower prices and 30-day price match guarantee, financing options available to you, and convenient delivery options. To get a quote, reach out to a sales expert to learn more!

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