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Gameday Grilling Essentials

Pro Tip: Fire Up an Extra Grill

If you organize a small party, the primary grill may be enough. Play your own game of multi-tasking. If you expect a bigger crowd at home or want to offer a variety of dishes, firing up an additional grill can be one of the amazing game day grill ideas. There are plenty of small portable grills that can prove to be quite useful, such as Summerset Propane Grill with Rotisserie or the Everdure Grills.

Serving dish containing barbecued chicken and grilled corn with a salad and salsa also pictured

Preparing Your Grill

Several days or even weeks before you invite your guests, make sure your grill is good to go on the day of the game. One of the nice things about game day grilling at home is that you don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to cooking. But, make sure to fuel up with all the pellets, propane tanks, and charcoal you need. Also, check all of the safety guidelines for your charcoal or gas grills. Ensure that you have a grill toolset at the reach of your hand, as well as the aluminum foil and other grill supplies. Don't forget to preheat the grill for fifteen minutes before grilling anything. It will allow you to clean the grates before a homegating party.

How to Clean Your Grill

Don’t Forget the Snacks & Apps

To host the best game day grilling parties, make sure that there is a variety of food and drinks. Food is undoubtedly a vital part of homegating. It is essential to think of the needs of all of your guests. For welcoming game day grill ideas, include vegetarian and vegan options in addition to your favorite meats. Expand your cooking from the outdoors to the indoors, ensuring you have all the oven essentials for cooking the perfect appetizers and snacks. Prepare all the sides one day in advance to reduce the amount of work and get a chance to enjoy game day, too.

Serving dish containing barbecued chicken and grilled corn with a salad and salsa also pictured

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