Mar 9th 2022

How Smoker Grills Work

Grilling enthusiasts know there’s a world of options to choose from for taking their grilling to the next level. From natural gas products to charcoal grills, the type of grill you cook with directly impact the flavors of your recipes and the grilling process as a whole. 

While some grills may seem relatively straightforward in their operation, you likely want to do research on others before you fully commit to integrating them into your outdoor kitchen. Take, for example, smoker grills. How do pellet smokers work? What do you need to learn to know how to use a wood smoker? We’ll seek to answer all of these questions and more in the guide below!

Man brushing meat with sauce on a grill

First of All, What Is a Smoker Grill?

A smoker or a smoker grill is a barbecue that focuses on maintaining low temperatures for the duration of the grilling process while producing smoke that infuses any dish with that smoky flavor you might find difficult to achieve when you’re using a traditional grill. This is why smokers are so great for dishes like pulled pork or ribs where you’re able to cook the meat at low temperatures over a stretch of time to get that perfect consistency and flavor. 

Of course, there are different types of smokers that offer various amounts of space or utilize different fuel sources to get the job done. Where you’re asking yourself, “how do pellet smokers work?”, or, “how do I use my electric smoker?”, let’s take a look at these different types of smokers to get a better feel for what you might decide to purchase for yourself to grill mouthwatering, tender meat in your own backyard.

What Are the Different Types of Smoker Grills I Can Choose From?

Here are the various types of smokers and what to consider when selecting your next grill purchase:

  • Propane or Gas Smokers: Aptly named, propane or gas smokers use a direct gas line or propane tanks to fuel your smoker and provide you with the low-temperature output you need to grill your dishes. These types of smokers have a special area for wood chips that are needed to produce the smoke that your dishes rely on. While propane and gas smokers are very efficient, some may not find that these are the right smokers for them if they’re not diligent about refueling their propane tanks or they’re not fond of the taste that gas smokers produce. 
  • Electric Smokers: For those who value convenience, electric smokers might be the best option for their needs. Electric smokers, like propane and gas smokers, are very easy to operate and are designed to simplify the smoking process. These types of smokers don’t produce as much smoke or reduce moisture, which can make them excellent for things like fish but less perfect for larger cuts of meat that need a dry environment and ample smoke. Consider this if you’re in the market for a new smoker. 
  • Charcoal Smokers: If you want a real smoker experience, you’re going to prefer this and the following recommendation for unforgettable BBQ experiences. Charcoal smokers, as the name suggests, use charcoal and wood chips to produce the smoky flavors and low temperatures you need for your smoking recipes. Charcoal smokers are very big and great at what they do, but they require a lot of care throughout the process, which means that they can be more demanding on your time, particularly if you’re hosting guests. 
  • Pellet Smokers: Finally, if you’ve been asking the question, “how do pellet smokers work?”, we’ve arrived at the pellet smoker! Pellet smokers are modern solutions that combine the convenience of electric smokers with the flavor of charcoal smokers due to their unique fuel. These types of smokers are great at their job.

There are plenty of smoker options, so it’s important that you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each before buying your own smoker for your outdoor kitchen area!

How to Use a Wood Smoker

How do pellet smokers work? How do I use a smoker once I’ve purchased one? These are all excellent questions, and ones that will vary depending on the type of smoker that you purchase. Here’s a condensed version of the process to help you get started. 

  1. Set your grill up and make sure that you have everything you need (water, wood chunks, thermometers) to carefully monitor your meat and get that smoky flavor over time. 
  2. Light your fuel and make sure your grill has enough air coming in to fan around the smoke and allow heat to escape to maintain the right temperature. 
  3. Add your favorite wood chips and make sure that you have a pan of water or that you have filled your dedicated space for water to add moisture to your smoker. 
  4. Keep an eye on your temperature over time and add fuel as necessary. 
  5. Pull your meat off the grill, and enjoy!

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