Oct 20th 2022

Guide to Fireplaces for Your Porch or Deck

Fire roaring in a fire pit

If you find that the colder months can make it especially difficult to enjoy your outdoor space, adding the right heating products can make a world of difference. Integrating a fireplace into your porch or deck can be a wonderful way to warm up yourself and your guests while also enhancing the look of your outdoor space. That being said, what should you choose for your space? What should you look for in a fireplace for your porch or deck?

If you’re in the market for porch fireplaces or an outdoor fireplace on your deck, here’s a guide to fireplaces for your outdoor space that will enhance the look and keep you warm.

Porch or Outdoor Space a Bit Crammed? A Fire Table or Urn Is Perfect for Your Needs 

Deciding to install a fireplace in a small backyard or a porch can be a bit much, especially if the design of your chosen fireplace takes up way too much room and can’t be used safely or comfortably. The good news? While the fireplaces you typically envision are certainly among the more popular options, outdoor fireplaces encompass a wide range of fireplace types that are perfect for your space.

Two stellar options for porch fireplaces are fire tables and fire urns. Fire tables are typically square or circular tables with a propane or natural gas fire in the center that you and your guests can gather around to stay warm. You can also add accessories like fire beads or fire glass to these types of fireplaces for some extra color and fun. Meanwhile, fire urns are a bit more compact, providing the same benefits without taking up so much space.

Whether you’re more interested in porch fireplaces or an outdoor fireplace on your deck, a fire table or urn might be the perfect fit for your needs.

Get Yourself a Wood-Burning Fireplace or Fire Pit if You’re Looking for Something More Traditional

There’s nothing that can beat the traditional look and feel of a wood-burning fireplace. The crackle of the wood, the roaring of the fire, and having a place to toast s'mores are all great reasons to have a wood fireplace in your backyard. Better yet, you’re not limited to traditional wood-burning fireplace designs. For example, if you want something more open in your outdoor space that can warm up a group, you can always go with a fire pit instead.

While these ideas might not be the most efficient for porch fireplaces, they will definitely pair well with larger outdoor areas that need more heating elements.

Not Interested in Maintenance? Gas Fireplaces Are Your Best Option

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces or fire pits are great for some homeowners. However, not everyone is looking to deal with the maintenance required to keep these products functioning optimally. Over time, there’s going to be ash, soot, and other kinds of messes that will affect the appearance and functionality of your fireplace. To avoid this, opt for a gas fireplace instead.

Whether you’re looking for porch fireplaces or an outdoor fireplace on your deck, gas fireplaces are a good option for both, as they can easily be integrated into any space without taking up too much room or presenting a safety issue. Additionally, they offer a wide range of benefits that are appealing to the modern homeowner. These benefits include:

  • Seamless Installation: It’s very easy to install gas fireplaces, especially when you’re installing them in an outside space. Additionally, there are many places you can integrate it into. Do you have a patio where you dine or gather? Install a gas fireplace here to stay warm. Do you need a freestanding porch fireplace? They go perfectly here as well! No matter where you want a new gas fireplace, it’ll work.
  • Simple Maintenance: Gas fireplaces still require some maintenance, but not nearly the same amount that wood-burning fireplaces do. As long as you make sure that you’re dusting it every so often, checking the individual pieces to make sure that they’re functioning correctly, and conducting general upkeep, you should experience few issues along the way!
  • Striking Appearance: If you’re shopping for an outdoor fireplace on your deck, you don’t want to settle for just any fireplace. You want something that’s visually appealing and blends in well with the design that you’ve created for your yard space. Gas fireplaces often offer a much more striking design than other fireplaces, which allows them to blend into more modern spaces. No matter what your outdoor design looks like, there’s definitely a gas fireplace out there for you.

Shopping for porch fireplaces can be a challenge, but if you want something low-maintenance, energy efficient, and stunning, a gas fireplace might be just what you need.

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