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Make Barbecuing More Exciting With the Big Green Egg!

Kamado grills offer a very different grilling experience from the average barbecue. The Big Green Egg community is very passionate about their grills. Visit one of our three convenient Los Angeles showrooms and find out why these iconic eggs are so popular.

A few key elements of owning a Big Green Egg include:

If you want to take your grilling experience to the next level, Kamado grills are a great way to go!

Shop Big Green Eggs at Fireside BBQ & Appliances

At Fireside BBQ & Appliances, we have great Kamado grills in multiple sizes to support your charcoal-based grilling needs. Find the perfect Kamado-style grill today.

Shopping with Fireside BBQ & Appliances means tapping into benefits like competitive prices and a 30-day price match guarantee, easy delivery, and financing available.

Buy now, inquire for a quote, or live chat with one of our grill experts to learn more about placing your order.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kamado Style Grills

1. Besides being able to heat up quickly, what makes the Big Green Egg stand out from other types of grills?

Kamado-style grills offer plenty of vertical height for cooking taller foods. This makes these grills ideal for cooking beer can chicken, smoked turkey, and Mexican pork tacos.

Their thick, ceramic construction also makes them much better at retaining heat and keeping temperatures consistent. This allows for more precise grilling than some other charcoal grills can provide.

2. Can I use regular charcoal in Kamado charcoal smoker grills?

You can, but it is not recommended. Most common charcoal has lighter fluid and other additives that you do not want in your food – especially when using such a high quality grill. It is best to use natural lump charcoal that contains no additives.

3. Is the learning curve for Kamado-style grills steep?

The learning curve for these types of grills can be a bit steep for individuals who usually cook on pellet or gas grills. However, the more you practice with a Kamado grill, the more you’ll master the process of controlling the temperature to generate exceptional results every time.

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