201 Emory Contemporary Surround

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Emory Contemporary Surround- No. 201

The Emory Contemporary Surround is truly "One Size Fits All" and is adjustable in height and width.
It offers a completely verastile and unique solution to fit any living space!

Width adjustable from 48" to 80". MDF. White Paint.

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Actual finish colors and hand distressing may vary from photos.

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201 Emory Surround shown fully expanded, 80" width 201 Emory Surround shown closed, 48" width
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Emory Contemporary Expanpdable Surround Specifications
Available in White Paint

No. 201 MDF Expands from

Shelf Length: 48" 80"

Main Shelf Depth: 8"  

Shelf Depth of expanded wings: 7.5"  

Interior Width: 37" 69"

Interior Height: 42" 48"

Overall Height: 49" 55"

Leg width without added plinth: 5.5"  

Leg width with plinth added: 7"  

Plinth height: 8"  

Plinth depth: 7.87"  

Outside leg to outside leg at base without plinth: 48" 80"

Outside leg to outside leg at base with plinth: 51" 83"


Item Type:
Wood Mantel