Fire Glass

An Alternative to Ceramic Logs

If you don’t want ceramic logs but you do want your fireplace to look great, we have an artful alternative for you in our fire glass rocks. Ceramic logs are typically fabricated to look as close to real wood as possible, but with fire glass options, you can instead go for bold fireplace glass rocks that really stand out and make a style statement. Accentuate your fireplace or pit with beads or rocks in a variety of colors.

More than Just Decor

Undeniably, fire glass offers trendy style to make your fireplace shine: but they aren’t just for looks. While fire glass for your fireplace is a great addition in style, the rocks or beads also provide important functionality. By allowing you to better distribute heat from your fireplace, you get more warmth in your space with these accessories. Explore how fire glass beads, glass chunks, sand, or even lava rocks can work for your fireplace, pit, or hearth.

Each of our fire glass rocks and bead options has product descriptions to help you see how helpful these pieces can be. Our fire glass for your fireplace are more than just decor!

Get Accessories From Fireside BBQ & Appliances

We are proud to offer quality fire glass rocks and beads for you to choose from, but our fire glass category is just the beginning of the options for your hearth you can enjoy from Fireside BBQ & Appliances. With the high-quality appliances and fireplaces you deserve paired with benefits including price matching and easy delivery, we hope your fireplace will soon be another example of the power of going with Fireside BBQ & Appliances.

You can reach out to us for a quote or more information on specific products, delivery, and more options. We are always available using our live chat feature as well.