May 11th 2022

Best Ways to Cook Steaks on a Grill

Grilled charred steak resting on a board with asparagus and a potato

Wouldn’t it be great to get the perfect steak each and every time you decided to fire up the grill? No matter what level of experience you might have at the barbecue, the good news is that learning how to grill a good steak is something that comes easy with just a little bit of guidance and practice over time as you continue to experiment with grilling in your outdoor kitchen.

Here are some of the best ways to cook steaks on a grill that will ensure it reaches the perfect tenderness and packs all the flavor and juice you desire!

The Definition of “Perfect” Varies: The Key to a Great Steak Lies in Searing and Temperature

When learning how to make the best steak on the grill, the reality is that the definition of perfect is going to vary from person to person. For example, some may prefer their steaks to be rare, while others might want their steaks to be medium or even well. Fortunately, the best ways to cook steaks on a grill remain the same across the board, and you can meet every definition of perfect by making sure that you focus on two things: searing and internal temperature.

Searing is the most important first step in cooking any delicious cut of meat for two reasons. First, it allows you to char and caramelize the surface, creating the perfect look and taste that you want. Secondly, it serves to lock in the juices so that you end up with a moist, tender cut of meat rather than one that’s overcooked on both the outside and the inside.

When you’re grilling, make sure that you have a  meat thermometer on hand to check the internal temperature of your steak regularly. Your thermometer will tell you whether or not your steak is done to your liking. Here are the following temperatures for each level of doneness that will guide you when you’re learning all the best ways to cook steaks on a grill.

  • Rare: 120 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Medium Rare: 130 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Medium: 135 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Medium-Well: 140 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Well: 150 Degrees Fahrenheit

With time, it will become easier to get that perfect grill each time you slap a couple of steaks on the barbecue.

How to Grill a Good Steak: Pro Tips and Tricks

The best ways to cook steaks on a grill tend to be applicable no matter the type of grill you’re using, making it easy to refine your strategy regardless of what you have at home or what type of grill you might be looking to install in your  outdoor kitchen. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to make the best steak on the grill that will give you a delicious cut of meat each and every time.

  1. Salt or season your steak and let it air out in the fridge overnight. While some may choose to salt their steak before they cook it, many experts agree that seasoning it and leaving it overnight can end up locking in more juices and flavor in the meat as well as helping you get a better sear, giving you a better experience when you grill it the next day.
  3. Always let your steak sit outside of the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes before you put it on the grill. When your steak is too cold in the center, it can make it more difficult to grill, causing you to overcook the outside without reaching the right level of doneness in the center.
  5. Build a two-zone fire if you can. Cooking on indirect heat after searing will allow you to take it easy as you wait for your steak to reach perfection. Don’t have a charcoal grill? Don’t worry. The tips here on the best ways to cook steaks on a grill work on any type of grill, you might just have to be more diligent with grills where the temperature remains the same across the entire surface.
  7. Always let your steak rest. Giving your steak time to rest makes it more tender, locks in those juices, and is absolutely worth it once you finally cut into your delicious steak. 10 minutes is ample time to ensure your grill endeavors pay off. 

If you want to learn how to grill a good steak, these tips here are sure to get you started and teach you how to make each and every steak you buy to your liking.

How to Make the Best Steak on the Grill: Does It Matter Which Grill I Have?

Someone turning steaks on a grill

The best ways to cook steaks on a grill will vary slightly depending on the type of grill you have at home. Fortunately, it’s not too much of an adjustment, and you should have no problem grilling your steaks to perfection regardless of the type of grill you own. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will make it easier to take advantage of what your grill has to offer.

  • Charcoal Grills: Charcoal grills are among the best grills for cooking steaks as they help to char the surface and imbue the steak with a smoky flavor. Create a two-zone fire with your charcoal grill, and consider adding some of your favorite wood to the mix to get an even better flavor profile!
  • Gas Grills: Don’t have a charcoal grill? Don’t worry! Gas grills can get the job done just as well. Make sure to preheat your gas grill (leaving the lid open to avoid potential explosions), and set one burner to medium with the other much higher for searing your steak.
  • Electric Grills: Electric grills are much simpler to use as they’re quite accurate. Find the perfect temperature for your steaks, preheat your grill, and keep a close eye on them to avoid overcooking your meat.
  • Pellet Grills/Smokers: Cooking on a pellet grill can be one of the best ways to cook steak on a grill. Smoke your steak for around 15 to 30 minutes before grilling it for even more flavor!

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