Quality household appliances can upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen. Keeping your household appliances up to date with the latest designs and functionality allows you to maximize your living spaces to their fullest potential. Wondering what new appliances you’ll want for your space? Browse our options online or visit us in person at one of our showrooms if you are in Southern California.

Appliances for Every Kitchen Function

Wall Ovens: Wall ovens have proven ideal for modern kitchens, and at our Woodland Hills kitchen appliance showroom, you can find the ideal, efficient wall oven for your space. With electric induction heating and a higher mounting, wall ovens heat more safely than gas ovens. Induction ovens are also better at maintaining temperature consistency: proving a better option for less-seasoned cooks.

Induction Ranges: These easy-to-clean, precision cooktops have risen in popularity amongst household appliances by serving up many of the same modern conveniences as the similarly induction-based ovens: most specifically, precise temperature control. 

Updated Refrigerators: With features such as interior cameras or energy-saving screens that tell you the fridge's contents without opening the door, the smart refrigerator revolution is in its golden era. Some newer fridges even offer voice commands, bringing the ease of Alexa or Siri from the office to the kitchen. 

Time to Upgrade

From a home remodel to furnishing a new home, household appliances provide an irresistible icing on the cake of home comfort. Build out your smart suite of upgraded appliances with a trusted source and the best modern fixtures the market has to offer. Need expert help or installation? One of our trusted teams can help make your dream a reality. Inquire about a quote today, and explore our full stock at Fireside BBQ Appliances where you’re sure to find the perfect California style kitchen appliances in Woodland Hills, CA, Conejo Valley, and West Hollywood. We’ve been serving the area for 42 years, and we’re happy to offer our customers financing, delivery, servicing, and a satisfaction guarantee!