BlueStar RNB Series RNB24FTV2LPLT

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BlueStar RNB Series
24 Inch Freestanding Gas Range with 1 Open Burner, Integrated French Top, Extra-Large Convection Oven, Infrared Broiler, Integrated Cooktop Options, and Fully Customizable: LP Stainless Steel, Plated Trim
24 Inch Freestanding Gas Range with 1 Open Burner
BlueStar has been making professional-grade cooking equipment and appliances for more than 130 years. Knowing plenty about making quality products, it's no surprise that BlueStar now makes some of the finest cooking equipment for the home. The unparalleled accuracy of their gas cooktop cooking and the versatility of convection baking and roasting in the ovens make BlueStar's products an unsurpassed addition to any kitchen for professional-style and home-style cooking alike.

Unique to BlueStar's line of 24-inch RNB gas ranges, the 24-inch all-French top adds that professional touch that BlueStar knows well. The stainless steel plate has concentrated heat in the middle which decreases as you slide pans away from the center. The plate accommodates two cooking rings that can be removed to cook with a wok.

The oven's unique design and convection fan system render even distribution of heat for precise and accurate baking of sweet confections and succulent roasts. And you can have steakhouse-style results by broiling meats under the oven's 15,000-BTU infrared broiler. 1,850 degrees of intense searing heat. It's also good for browning dishes just before serving.

Already a showstopper in performance, BlueStar cooking ranges can be ordered in a vast number of colors for any design. More than 750 colors! The Precious Metals collection offers bold yet tempered colors while the Jewel Tones series has bright, vivid, high-gloss colors that take from the vibrant, reflective look of real gems.

Heavy-duty construction combined with innovative features produces an appliance of uncompromising durability, functionality, and beauty that will be the focal point of your kitchen for years to come.
Option - Color:
6430 - Stainless Steel
Option - Fuel Type:
6430 - Natural Gas, 6431 - Liquid Propane
Fuel Type:
Liquid Propane
Stainless Steel